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Northern California's Eco-Friendly Photographer - Environmental Responsibility


Ron Nabity Photography recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility when conducting a business.  

I follow these environmental practices when operating my business and incorporate them as a way of life:

 •  use digital photography to reduce the amount of paper and chemicals required to create an image
 •  use online web proofing galleries instead of printing proof photos for client review
 •  use electronic-transfer (e.g. FTP, e-mail, http-downloads) for delivery of image files
 •  use bicycle/cargo trailer or public transportation whenever possible for photo-shoots, client meetings, deliveries and supply trips
 •  when automobile use is required, use fuel-efficient vehicle and combine errands to reduce fuel usage
 •  turn off electronic equipment when not in use, including battery chargers
 •  replace high-wattage modeling lights with lower-wattage bulbs in studio lights
 •  use battery-powered photographic lighting whenever possible
 •  use short-run printing services to print optimum number of marketing materials
 •  use setback timers to operate building lights and climate control equipment

 •  use blank side of printed paper for draft printing
 •  refill printer ink and toner cartridges

 •  separate items in trash to optimize recycling of paper, glass, cardboard, plastic and metal
 •  purchase supplies made from recycled and recyclable materials

 •  use rechargeable batteries instead of disposables whenever possible
 •  use electronic testing equipment to determine battery charging needs - recharge batteries only when necessary

 •  join and support organizations that promote eco-friendly options
 •  choose business partners that offer eco-friendly products and demonstrate environmental responsibility
 •  lead by example, share conservation ideas with others, and encourage environmental responsibility among friends, families and peers

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