Working Anywhere


Technology gives us the ability to work anywhere, anytime. All we need now is the desire.

This image illustrates how we can work from any location. The light on Laura’s face comes from a small strobe placed on the keyboard of the laptop. The strobe is pointed at a piece of white printer paper that is taped to the screen (the laptop was turned off for this photo). The strobe was set to 1/8 power and the light bounces off the paper and casts a soft glow on her face.

The camera white balance was set to tungsten, to match the very warm ambient light in the coffee shop. I placed a CTO gel on the flash to match the tungsten WB setting. I set the ambient exposure to make the room darker, so that the dark contrasts with the glow on Laura’s face.

The camera was on a tripod to steady it during the 1/2 second exposure. I waited until the coffee shop employee was moving around behind the counter, knowing he would be blurred. Again, this blurring provides a little more contrast with the sharp detail of the laptop and Laura’s face.

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One thought on “Working Anywhere

  1. You really nailed this one. Great setup and perfect balance between ambient and the flash. And the guy in the back is a wonderful finishing touch. Well done!


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