Moonlight on the rocks



This is the view from Trinidad’s Turtle Rocks Oceanfront Inn along the North Coast of California. The most significant thing about this photograph is that it was taken by moonlight. It was a full moon on the night of this shot and a 30 second time exposure was all it took to capture this image. The tell-tale signs that this is a time exposure at night:

  1. Small amount of star trails in the sky. At 30 seconds, the trails don’t show up much, but they are there.
  2. The light of a fishing boat along the horizon.
  3. The blur of the waves – there is plenty of ocean movement in 30 seconds.

The Turtle Rocks Oceanfront Bed & Breakfast Inn is a treat. The rooms are spacious, comfortable with great views of the ocean. The owners, Francine and Roger, are very friendly and accommodating, making sure that your stay is the best possible.

Some additional photos from the area:




This is definitely a Do Over.

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