I hate it when that happens


You order four big vinyl signs to announce your big event, you hang them up for the world to see, and then realize there is a big typo (peddle) on it. Actually, it’s not a typo, it’s a word-o. It’s spelled correctly, just the wrong word. I think this is what they wanted…
ped’-al, noun 1. a foot-operated lever used to control certain mechanisms, as automobiles, or to play or modify the sounds of certain musical instruments, as pianos, organs, or harps. 2. a leverlike part worked by the foot to supply power in various mechanisms, as the bicycle.
And, when you consider the number of possible other word choices, maybe this isn’t so bad…
ped’-dle, verb 1. to carry (small articles, goods, wares, etc.) from place to place for sale at retail; hawk.2. to deal out, distribute, or dispense, esp. in small quantities: to peddle radical ideas.3. to sell (drugs) illicitly.
pid’-dle, verb 1. 1. to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way 2. to urinate (esp. children and pets).
pet’-al, noun 1. one of the often colored segments of the corolla of a flower.
pet’-tle, verb 1. to fondle, pet.
pet’-ty, adjective 1. of little or no importance or consequence.
Pet’-ty, Tom, person 1. musician, songwriter
If Tom Petty was gonna be there, I’d probably peddle something so I could buy a ticket.

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