Looking Up



I usually carry a camera with me whenever I leave the house. I mean, if a UFO landed in front of you and aliens walked out, what’s the one thing you’d wish you had with you?

Sometimes I don’t feel like I see anything worth capturing – and I realize it is more about my apathetic mood and dip in creativity than it is about the surroundings. I know another person would find (and make) some great images in the same setting.

I was sitting at my favorite coffee place and happened to look up – the second floor “balcony” was reflecting the morning light and the soft clouds were perfectly aligned behind it. Without thinking about it too much, I snapped this shot. I realize it’s a little hard to orient the image at first.

I remember some advice from a photographer named DeWitt Jones – he said when you think you’ve gotten the perfect shot, turn around; an even better shot may be lurking behind you. When I turned around, I was facing a pillar, so in this case, Looking Up was a better idea.

Thank goodness a pigeon wasn’t sitting on the rail.

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