Another fair day in paradise



I spent the afternoon at the California State Fair the other day – it has been several years since I’ve attended the state fair. It seemed a lot cleaner than I remembered it in the past. It was a great day to be there, and since it was a weekday it was a little less crowded. Several of the midway rides were not moving much, there were not a lot of riders.

One of the craziest attractions was the freestyle motocross jumping – these guys are insane.



There were three riders, one of them is 19 years old, and they did the most amazing stunts while flying from one ramp to the other. In a number of stunts, there was a point in time when they were not holding onto the motorcycle at all…they would just reach out, grab the seat and pull themselves back onto it before landing.

On a much calmer note, the midway games were pretty quiet.


This is Bert, he has been working for Butler Amusements for about 10 years and this was his first visit to CalExpo. He said that he had heard it would be really busy, but it was not busy at all. He was a very pleasant person to chat with, certainly not the stereotypical carnie.

All in all, it was a better than fair, it was a great day in paradise.


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