First Light on Light Rail


This photo was taken just before sunrise – the serenity almost belies the real world that swirls around a light rail station. Light rail stations can be a conflux of activities – many different lifestyles cross paths here and for a brief time, they all share one common purpose: getting from Point A to Point B. Well, almost all – some people hang out at light rail stations for other reasons. They are a good place to panhandle, or find recyclables, such as aluminum cans or a partially-drawn cigarette…or just because the riders serve as a captive audience.

And the boomboxes – lovely. I would be the next billionaire if I could just invent a simple and inexpensive technology that allows a person to shut off a nearby boombox. Better yet, press a small remote button and the boombox in the next person’s lap turns into a large bowl of piping hot soup…without the bowl.

Now that would be technology at its best.

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