What’s good for the goose is not good for the golfer


A big attraction at William Land Park is the duck pond. You can bring bread to the duck pond and feed the ducks … they don’t mind if the bread is stale. Don’t feed bread to the geese – it makes them mean. This goose took great offense to my presence at the duck pond. He extended his neck, he squawked at me and ran towards me. Geese are very territorial, and they will attack you. I hear geese make great watchdogs.

It’s hard to defend yourself when a goose attacks you. If you fight back, hit it or kick it, you look like a complete idiot. If you run away, you are in bigger trouble, cuz they will nail you in the butt. That’s why they call it, “getting goosed”. You can’t win. The goose has you either way.

A golf course also runs through the middle of Land Park – it’s a fun little 9-hole course. If you hit your golf ball off to the side, you could find yourself in geese territory. I think if a goose attacked a golfer, the golfer would have a pretty good chance of defending himself with a pitching wedge. At least he wouldn’t look like an idiot trying.

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