Talent – pure and simple


Justin Farren is a very talented local musician/songwriter/vocalist. His lyrics are fresh and relevant; his voice is expressive and full of emotion. And he plays the guitar like it’s his third arm. His songs are a guided tour of everyday life, from the frustration of being double-parked upon to the gutteral pains of a failed relationship. And just like real life, in the middle of the pain he reminds you to laugh. Check out his video – it is very sweet.

He played at the Fox & Goose Pub the other night. He has a very loyal following. Many of the audience members were softly mouthing the lyrics of his songs; obviously they are intimately connected to this guy’s expression. Seeing him perform reminds me of finding a great little restaurant – I want to tell everyone about him, yet I worry if the popularity will ruin the beauty of his music. So I’m telling you about him….

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