A Golden Day



I spent part of the day at the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue  sanctuary in Elverta today. Homeward Bound is a non-profit, all-volunteer operation run by Jody and Mike Jones. They rescue Golden Retriever dogs from all over the state, and have over 40 dogs in the sanctuary. In 2008, they rescued 810 dogs!

Homeward Bound is an amazing place. They have a large indoor kennel area to keep the dogs out of the elements, several outdoor yards, a large dog park, and a pond. They also have an infirmary for dogs that are recovering from surgery.

Each dog is given a complete checkup by a veterinarian. In the photo to the right, Jody holds Megan, a 3-year old while Dr. Justina Codde gives her a shot.

Volunteers of all ages help out at the sanctuary. Several high school students were there today, bathing and walking the dogs, helping them meet potential adopters and also taking care of clean-up duties around the facility.  Speaking of adoptions, I’ve adopted Homeward Bound as my newest pro-bono client and I look forward to getting to know the people and “goldens” that make Homeward Bound such a terrific organization.

Enjoy the photos below.


Indoor kennels






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One thought on “A Golden Day

  1. Ron,

    Really enjoyed the pictures, especially the one of the young boy with his new dog and the one of the out-of-focus dog washers. Those must have been favorites of yours too, since they showed up here on the blog.

    Glad that you are now involved with HBGRR! Dick is quite a recruiter isn’t he?

    I never realized how involved you were with photography. I knew you always had a camera whenever there was a social event, but never before saw any of your photos. Have you ever published any of your SCO photos on the web?

    ~ Jim Bakker


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