Planning for Photoshop™

02-13-2015 One of the most overused statements by photographers has to be, "I'll fix it in Photoshop™." When photo editing software is used to compensate for sloppy camera settings, poor composition or incorrect lighting, the photographer must, by definition, degrade the image in order to "fix" it. Exposure adjustments, color temperature adjustments and cropping all … Continue reading Planning for Photoshop™

Fast Food – Food Photography on the Run

  11-19-2012 I recently wrapped up a couple of editorial assignments that required lip-smacking images of food. When I approach food photography, I lean towards large simple lighting, clean backgrounds and authentic food appearances. This last point is important to me. I don't change the food once the chef has handed it off for two … Continue reading Fast Food – Food Photography on the Run

Every Month is Bike Month

05-15-2011 The month of May is officially designated as Bike Month. Several events throughout the city help raise awareness of bicycling for commuting, recreation and exercise. I am committed to find more ways to operate my photography business on two wheels. It's not just the recent rise in gas prices that motivates me; it is … Continue reading Every Month is Bike Month

Note to self: Eat First

01-14-2011 In the last few days I've had the chance to take photos at a couple of restaurants in Sacramento. The basic rule of food photography? Eat first! These photos were not the usual food-styled ad shots. These were taken of real food as it was moving from the kitchen to the tables of real … Continue reading Note to self: Eat First

Getting There on Two Wheels

10-12-2008It's getting easier to get around town on a bike. With more cyclists hitting the road to beat the gas prices, auto drivers are getting used to bicycles maneuvering through traffic. This photo is meant to give the viewer the sense of relative movement between cars and bikes. Even in a bike lane, it's a … Continue reading Getting There on Two Wheels

Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival Photos

09-22-2008 The Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival is a celebration of world cultures, ethnic dance and musical performances. The Saturday performances were at the Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, September 20. The above group, Fishtank Ensemble, presented an incredible array of Romanian folk and gypsy music. Each of the performances brought out a rich experience … Continue reading Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival Photos

Passionately Pink

I recently shot some images for a promotional campaign for the Sacramento Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation - the campaign is called Passionately Pink. I photographed a few prominent legislators at the State Capitol; they are showing their support for the Komen campaign by wearing pink ties, boas, whatever.These are some of the … Continue reading Passionately Pink