Air Travel Security: a no-cost solution

01/01/2010 Since the Christmas Day Crotch Bomber's failed attempt to bring down an airliner, air travel safety has been abuzz in the news. In a typically reactive fashion, safety measures have been introduced to protect us from an attempt that has already failed. Remember the shoe bomber? Since then, millions of air travelers have endured … Continue reading Air Travel Security: a no-cost solution

AMGEN 2008 Tour of California

02-19-2008AMGEN's 2008 Tour of California came through Sacramento today. The rain arrived just before the cyclists reached the edge of town. They rode three two-mile laps on city streets before sprinting to the finish line for Stage 2 of the race. This shot was taken with my camera clamped to the end of an extended … Continue reading AMGEN 2008 Tour of California