Planning for Photoshop™

02-13-2015 One of the most overused statements by photographers has to be, "I'll fix it in Photoshop™." When photo editing software is used to compensate for sloppy camera settings, poor composition or incorrect lighting, the photographer must, by definition, degrade the image in order to "fix" it. Exposure adjustments, color temperature adjustments and cropping all … Continue reading Planning for Photoshop™

Give me three feet or give me death

  09-24-2013 Well, maybe there is no need for such drama. I took this photo five years ago as a personal assignment. I wanted to illustrate how it feels to ride a bicycle on a busy city street. The California Bicycle Coalition asked if they could use the photo as part of their campaign to … Continue reading Give me three feet or give me death

Fast Food – Food Photography on the Run

  11-19-2012 I recently wrapped up a couple of editorial assignments that required lip-smacking images of food. When I approach food photography, I lean towards large simple lighting, clean backgrounds and authentic food appearances. This last point is important to me. I don't change the food once the chef has handed it off for two … Continue reading Fast Food – Food Photography on the Run

I took a knife to a gunfight…and lived.

  Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats 07-28-2012 Figuratively speaking, of course. I regularly shoot Sacramento River Cats baseball games for Sacramento Press. The River Cats are the MILB AAA team that feeds the Oakland A's. The baseball park is located at Raley Field in West Sacramento and the park has a little … Continue reading I took a knife to a gunfight…and lived.

The things I love about teaching photography…

07-15-2012 I’ve been teaching digital photography classes at the Learning Exchange for almost three years. Over 750 people have attended my classes where we cover topics such as digital camera controls, menus, exposure, white balance, depth of field, ISO, motion blur, focal length, focus locking, sensor comparisons, composition, file management, lighting techniques, etc. etc. As … Continue reading The things I love about teaching photography…

Sweet Times at the Sugar Mill

07-11-2011 I recently attended a group photoshoot sponsored by Click Monkeys, a Meetup group formed by Sacramento photographer Tim Engle. Tim arranged access for a group of 84 photographers to use the Old Sugar Mill facility in Clarksburg. The sugar mill opened in 1935 and processed sugar beets into sugar until 1993, when it closed. … Continue reading Sweet Times at the Sugar Mill

Playing at the Game

  06-20-2011 I have the fun opportunity to shoot lots of local sporting events: Minor League Baseball (River Cats), NBA (Kings), United Football League (Mountain Lions), Tennis (Capitals), college sports, etc, etc. Sports photography is always a challenge of techniques - it requires touch-typing all the camera buttons while looking through the viewfinder (no time … Continue reading Playing at the Game

Stop it!

07-11-2010 I just realized it's been almost two months since I last updated this blog. I guess you could say I've been a bit busy lately... - shooting several sporting events for - teaching photography classes at Learning Exchange - working on a large commercial project that includes photography, design and press-printing the final … Continue reading Stop it!