Beach in a bottle


When the tide is low enough on Pismo Beach, you can crawl into some caves under the bluffs. These caves show years and years of water sculpting. This particular cave has a large vertical opening chiseled out presumably by waves entering and forcing water upward. The opening to the cave resembles a bottle or flower vase.

Mother Nature is one strong woman – she just works slowly sometimes.

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Sunset at Pacifica


It’s hard to believe, I am standing about 30 feet from someone’s front door.

This is the sunset view in Pacifica, a small community just a few miles over a hill from San Francisco. And this is the view that some of the residents have every day. Unbelievable. The colors in the sky quickly change from soft blue, to vibrant red, then settle into a monochromatic gray. The ocean sends wave after wave, crashing at the rocks below me. It is loud. It is expansive. It is surreal. And amid all this beauty, I think of one word. Tsunami.

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