Planning for Photoshop™

02-13-2015 One of the most overused statements by photographers has to be, "I'll fix it in Photoshop™." When photo editing software is used to compensate for sloppy camera settings, poor composition or incorrect lighting, the photographer must, by definition, degrade the image in order to "fix" it. Exposure adjustments, color temperature adjustments and cropping all … Continue reading Planning for Photoshop™

Sweet Times at the Sugar Mill

07-11-2011 I recently attended a group photoshoot sponsored by Click Monkeys, a Meetup group formed by Sacramento photographer Tim Engle. Tim arranged access for a group of 84 photographers to use the Old Sugar Mill facility in Clarksburg. The sugar mill opened in 1935 and processed sugar beets into sugar until 1993, when it closed. … Continue reading Sweet Times at the Sugar Mill

Passionately Pink

I recently shot some images for a promotional campaign for the Sacramento Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation - the campaign is called Passionately Pink. I photographed a few prominent legislators at the State Capitol; they are showing their support for the Komen campaign by wearing pink ties, boas, whatever.These are some of the … Continue reading Passionately Pink

Environmental Portrait Using Three Speedlights

02/02/2008Does the background in this photograph tell you anything about the person?An environmental portrait shows a person within a context that explains something about the person. Usually, the image includes elements of the environment and these elements are visual clues about the subject matter.In this case, I took a portrait of a Lutheran Minister (Pastor … Continue reading Environmental Portrait Using Three Speedlights